The International Barcodes Network

International Barcodes Network

We are part of the International Barcodes Network (IBN). Our network is made up of barcode sellers from different countries working towards making affordable barcodes readily available across the world.

Being part of this network enables us to provide you with better information on barcodes compared to other sellers, and we can offer you expert guidance on barcodes in specific countries.

The IBN serves customers in more than 100 nations and operates directly in 12 nations. With a decade of industry expertise, we are well-positioned to guide you on the optimal approach for integrating barcodes onto your product.

Some of the other licensee network sites are:

Stregkoder Danmark
Strekkoder Norge
Barcode Deutschland

and many more… see here for details.

If you are interested in our network, please see our IBN Site. Here you will find more information on our network and can contact our head office directly for information on our barcode numbers or any other issue.

Please contact if you have any queries about our barcodes or our services. Alternatively, you can refer to our FAQ page for further information.

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