Code 128 and Code 39 Barcodes

You can buy sequential code-39 or code-128 barcode images here for asset tracking. They are utilized for library books, gym membership cards, and large business asset tracking. We offer code 128 or code 39 barcodes in your preferred format, which can be either jpeg, pdf, eps, tiff, or bmp.

Please advise what format you want (e.g. jpeg), what size barcodes you want (e.g. 3cm wide x 2cm high), what sequence you would like (e.g. 1000 barcodes, starting at 39123000 and ending at 39123999) and which type of code you want (e.g. Code 128).

Upon receiving your order, we will generate the barcodes manually and send them to you via email. The processing time takes between 12-24 hours on weekdays, and it is subject to the day/time of the order.

  • Code-128 or Code-39 Images

    Here you can purchase sequences of either Code 39 or Code 128 images.These will be delivered to you in the format of your choice (Bitmap, Eps, Tiff, Jpeg or PDF) via a shared drop box folder.

    Please specify in the ‘additional information’ section (on the checkout page) what format (e.g. jpeg, code 128), size (e.g. 3cm wide x 2cm high) and sequence you would like – Something like 1000-1999 works well for a lot of 1000. The sequence can either by alpha-numeric, or numeric only. If you don’t specify which format you want we use Code 128 format as the default format.

    Code 128 or Code 39 barcodes are used for library books, membership cards, vouchers, SKU codes, internal inventory tracking, etc.

    Code-128 or Code-39 Images
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The Difference between Code 128 & Code 39:

Code 128 barcodes look like this:

Code 128 barcode image sample


Code 39 barcodes look like this:

Code 39 barcode image sample - Asset Barcodes

The key distinction between Code 39 and Code 128, as evident from the example images, lies in the higher data density of Code 128. Consequently, we suggest utilizing a Code 128 barcode for labeling small items. Most barcode scanners are capable of reading both types of barcode, but some may struggle with barcodes containing letters. Therefore, it is safest to use only numeric digits where possible unless you are sure that your scanner is able to read alphanumeric codes.

If you don’t know which format to use, we recommend Code 128 because it is suitable for any size item/label.

Note: Code 128 and Code 39 should not be used for products that are for sale in retail stores (retail products need EAN barcodes).

Please feel free to contact us for any guidance regarding your specific use of these.