ISBN Book Barcodes

All publications require an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), which is obtained from a designated organisation in each country. If you possess an ISBN and require the corresponding barcode images, they can be acquired through the provided link. If you do not possess an ISBN, refer to the designated organisation for your country via the provided resource here

  • ISBN Barcode Images

    Here you can purchase ISBN Barcode images. These will be emailed through to you in 4 different formats (Jpeg, PDF, png & SVG).

    Please enter your 13-digit ISBN Number(s) in the additional information section when filling out your details after proceeding to checkout.
    Separate multiple ISBNs with a comma or new line. Examples: 978-1-2345-678-9-0, 978-123-4567-89-0


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Sample ISBN Barcode:

Download Sample ISBN Barcode Images (zip file)

You will promptly receive your ISBN barcode images via email in five various formats. You have the option to select your preferred barcode format and incorporate the barcode image into your book cover design before printing.

Price Code (Optional)

ISBN numbers can be encoded with 5-digit price codes (“EAN 5”) at the end of them to encode prices up to ‘99.99’ in GBP, USD, or CAD only. For example, to encode $9.99 USD, the EAN 5 would be “50999”. Although these codes can make it easier for retailers to establish the recommended retail price for books, most scanners do not read this code, and it is not common practice for ISBN numbers to have this price code. If you would like to include a price code for your ISBN number, please specify the desired code, along with the corresponding price and currency, in the ‘additional information’ section when completing your information.

ISBN barcode with price code


Price Codes:

0 (or 1) = GBP
3 = AUD
4 = NZD
5 = USD
6 = CAD


ISBN Barcode Turnaround Time: Once we receive your order, we will manually create the ISBN barcode for you, and email it to you. This will normally take 2-24 hours, depending on the time of day/week that you make the order. Our normal office hours are 7am-7pm Mon-Fri (NZ time), plus we process some orders on Saturday whenever possible.

If you have a magazine, you will need to see our ISSN Magazine barcode page.

If you have printed music you’ll need to get a International Standard Music Number (ISMN), and then get that turned into barcode images. A 13-digit ISMN, e.g. 979-0-2600-0043-8, can be turned into a 13 digit EAN-13 barcode (exactly the same way that book ISBN numbers are turned into barcodes). Please order “ISBN Barcode Images” (above) and enter your ISMN number (instead of an ISBN number) into the text box before adding to cart.