How Do I Get a Barcode for My Product?

Retail barcode packages (EAN-13 format) can be purchased on our Retail Barcodes page.

You can also order via email (we will supply you with a pro forma invoice so that you can pay by bank transfer).

What will I get?

If you order a standard retail barcode package, we will send you the barcode numbers via email along with the images as attached files.

You will receive:

– a unique EAN-13 barcode number;
– a PDF guarantee certificate
– barcode images (4 different formats: jpeg, pdf, png, svg)
– Barcode registration on
– Instructions for How to Use your Barcode

Incorporate barcode images into your product packaging and commence using your barcode effortlessly. When the barcode and product arrive at a retailer, the retailer will scan the barcode into the system and input the relevant product information. Subsequently, every time the barcode is scanned at the checkout, the pertinent product information will surface automatically.

The official retail barcode dimensions are 37.29×25.93mm. The barcode’s scannability won’t be affected if it’s officially shrunk to 80% of its size (around 20x30mm). But, reducing it further than this might create scanning difficulties for barcode scanners. Certain retailers specify that the barcode fulfil some minimum requirements, hence it is advisable to keep the barcode size above 80% of the standard size, when possible. Full specifications can be seen here.

EAN-13 Barcode Image
EAN-13 Barcode Image


What more can you get?

1. ITF-14 Carton Codes

These barcodes are for the outer cartons and are created from your EAN-13 barcode specifically for use on cartons that contain a specific quantity of the item. For instance, a box containing 12 items may carry an ITF-14 carton code. Although these barcodes are mandatory for some retailers, they may not always be necessary.

2. ISBN or ISSN Images

These are only required for books and magazines.