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A QR Code, short for Quick Response Code, is the prevalent 2D matrix barcode. It can be easily read by smartphones and camera phones equipped with a barcode scanning app, and has various applications. Its common utilisation is to redirect individuals who scan the code to a specific website.

Order your QR Code below:

  • QR Code

    This automated service allows you to obtain your QR code images within minutes. In order for the service to generate your QR codes, you must provide the URL or other requested information to be encoded. Without this information, the automation cannot produce the codes.

    Once you have determined the number of QR codes required, add them to your cart. On the checkout page, input the desired data or URL into the “additional information” box. Please make sure to have separate URLs on different lines. Standard QR codes (Static and Dynamic) are automatically created and will be sent to you via email within minutes. However, more intricate QR codes like v-business cards have to be manually created and may take a duration of 1-12 hours. V business cards can only be produced in static format.

    The QR code images will be sent to you in five formats: .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .pdf, and .eps.

    We have TWO types of QR codes available here for website URLs – Static and Dynamic (via URL hosting service)

    Static/Dynamic QR code
    (Prices excl. VAT)
    Quantity Price per image (Sv. Kr.)
    1 100 kr
    2+ 75 kr
    5+ 60 kr
    10+ 50 kr

    STATIC QR Codes
    – these encode YOUR URL directly in the QR code
    – these are permanent – they will work as long as your website URL doesn’t change
    – they can’t be changed, as the URL is encoded directly in the QR Code
    – unlimited scans
    (these can also be used for things other than URLs eg encoding text, v business cards, sending an email or SMS message)

    DYNAMIC QR Codes
    – these use our Dynamic QR Code service – to enable the target URL to be changed in the future if required
    – unlimited scans¹
    – lifetime redirection²
    – target URL can be changed at any time³
    – user tracking available°

    ¹ Fair use allowed
    ² Initial purchase includes redirection for 2 years. After this, there is a fee of Kr 100.00 pa
    ³ Redirection cost Kr 100.00 per change
    ° Tracking reports are available at low cost – pricing depends on frequency, complexity of reports, and how many QR Codes are being tracked

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To extend the lifespan of your QR code, we recommend programming it with a QR redirect. This redirects your code to multiple links in the future without the need to change the physical QR code. Using a QR redirect also enables you to track traffic from the QR code. Watch the video here that explains this in more detail.


How to order & use your QR Code

Websites (URLs)

To create a QR code that directs a smartphone user to a specific website, please enter the website URL in the “Additional Information” section during checkout, or email it to us. We will then convert it into a QR code for you.

Business Cards (VCards)

QR Codes of this type are mainly utilized on business cards. Scanning a QR Code on a business card using a smartphone will display the person’s business card information on the phone screen. The user will then be able to save the contact details on their smartphone.

If you want your QR Code to contain business card information (VCard or MeCard), please put the following details into the “Additional Information” section when checking out. Note: if you need your QR Code to be small (e.g. 3cm x 3cm), only provide us with the essential information & leave out the rest:

Job Title:
Address: (street, post code, city, state/province, country)
Mobile Phone:
Website URL:

Events (VCalender)

If you wish to include information about an upcoming event in your QR Code, kindly provide the following details in the “Additional Information” section when checking out.

1. Event Name:
2. Event Description:
3. Location of Event:
4. Event Start Date/Time:
5. Event End Date/Time: (Optional)


We can create a variety of QR codes at your request, such as ones for making phone calls, sending emails or SMS messages, accessing Facebook profiles or likes, sharing on LinkedIn, accessing Twitter profiles, publishing or packaging an Android Market app, or connecting to Wi-Fi access points.

QR Code Size

If a QR code is printed on a business card, it can be small, around 3 or 4 cm. However, if a QR code is going on a billboard or poster, and people will scan it from a distance, then it will need to be much larger, for example, 1 metre wide. Please specify the size of your QR code when placing your order.

NOTE: If there is a lot of data contained in your QR Code (e.g. lots of text, or a long URL address), the QR Code will need to be larger to scan well. If your QR Code contains a long website URL address, you can shorten it by using a URL shortener (e.g. goo.gl).

Once you receive your QR code, please test it to ensure its functionality. If you encounter any issues, kindly inform us. You can resize it according to your requirements.

Other Types of 2D Codes

QR Codes are the most common type of 2D Code we sell. However we can produce many other types of 2D Code at your request. If you require a different type of 2D barcode (instead of a QR code), just specify this when making your order. We can supply the following alternative types of 2D matrix barcodes:
– PDF417
– Data Matrix
– MaxiCode
– Aztec Code