Retail Barcode Images

Retail Barcode Images

Do you have your barcode numbers already?

No, please go to barcode packages (barcode number and images) for EAN barcodes or for UPC barcodes.

Yes, then please go ahead and order on this page.

NOTE: Please input your barcode numbers into the designated “enter barcode number(s) here” box on the checkout page. If submitting multiple barcode numbers, separate each one with a comma. The barcode numbers will be transformed into images and promptly sent via email.

  • EAN (or UPC) Barcode Images

    If you have an EAN-13 or UPC-A number that you need the images for, you can purchase them here. Enter the quantity of different barcode numbers you need the images for and enter the barcode numbers in the ‘additional information’ section when checking out. We will email you your barcode images as attached files in 4 different formats (Jpeg, PDF, png & SVG). These images are sent in a standard size of 38x25mm – if you require a different size, please specify this in the ‘additional information’ section along with your barcode numbers.

    Quantity    Price per image
    1 100 kr.
    2+   75 kr.
    5+   60 kr.
    10+   50 kr.
    25 +   30 kr.
    50 +   22 kr.
    75 +


      15 kr.

    10 kr.

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